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12 time-saving add-ins for Excel 3003 - 2010 will help you with the most common tasks such as removing duplicates
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14 February 2012

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This is a software tool that acts as an add-in to Excel and helps carry out a dozen different actions which are tedious otherwise.

The Excel Collection includes 12 add-ins that are designed to deal with the most tedious, painstaking and error-prone tasks in Excel. These necessary tasks consume a lot of time if done manually. The add-in pack takes care of these quickly and easily. The publisher’s claim it should improve your efficiency by 50% at least. Even if the improvement were in the 30 to 40% range, this tool will be worth its price. That means that you should try it out extensively during the trial period and decide about adoption after you get a feel of improvements obtained. Removing of duplicates and finding unique items must be the top of the chart issue when you work with large data sets.

Removing typos and misprints also is about equally important. The application will find duplicate rows and combine them into one. Merging of columns, rows and cells are also featured. Correction of data is immensely helped by the find feature supported by correction of items found. Merging of tables, combining data from different sources, generating random numbers, passwords and custom lists are some more useful features as are shuffling and selection of random rows, columns and cells. The tool’s ability to split names into name, title, salutations etc. can save you a lot of aggravation too. Conversion of units, workbook and worksheet navigation and cleaning up of cells complete the dozen.

These are easily accessed in 2003 as drop down menu and in 2007/2010 version as an additional item on the ribbon with its own icons. This is a very good product and is a good option when you have a need for a tool like this. Go ahead and try it out in your exact work settings.

Publisher's description

The Excel Collection includes 12 add-ins that were specially designed to deal with the most tedious, painstaking and error-prone tasks in Excel that consume a lion's share of your time, energy and patience. Just try them and you will see that your efficiency in Excel will increase by 50%, at the very least.
The plug-ins included in the Collection will help you with:
1. Removing duplicates and finding uniques
2. Removing typos and misprints
3. Merging tables, combining data from different sources
4. Combining data from duplicate rows into one
5. Merging cells, rows and columns
6. Finding and replacing in all data, in all workbooks
7. Generating random numbers, passwords, custom lists
8. Shuffling and selecting random rows, columns and cells
9. Converting measurement units
10. Splitting names, titles and salutations
11. Navigating between workbooks and worksheets
12. Cleaning up cells in worksheets
The add-ins work in all versions of Microsoft Excel, from 2003 to 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit).
For more information, please visit: Addins Collection for Excel Addins Collection for Excel
Version 2012
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